Monday, 20 June 2016

The Wall of Frames

Firstly before I start I would like to apologise for the light reflecting off the frames, here was no easy way to take any pictures without natural light. Finally I've put up all the prints I've collected over the past two years. And boy am I pleased with how it's come together. I don't have a relatively big room, scratch that I have the smallish room in the house (the box room). I was worried that they would make my room feel more enclosed but they actually make my room feel big, gives a sense of dimension. Like I said this collection of art prints have been collected over three years. I wish I had a bigger wall to put more and more prints up. 
So lets get down to where I collected all this jams from. The gorgeous Doctor Who 'David Tennant' was given to be as a Christmas present from my brother. The kick arse Cat Women print was brought in Orlando, Florida from one of the shops in Universal Studio. Three of the prints where brought at the Manchester Print Fair last October, I did a post on what I brought there if you want to know who are the artist and where to get your hands on them (click here). The rather elegant looking whale print was brought was a art shop Dublin, Ireland called Jam Art Factory. The boat illustration is actually a greetings card that was brought from the gift shop at the Royal Britannia, in Edinburgh. It was to cute not to turn it into a framed print. And last but not least the print above my vinyl player is actually wrapping paper from Waterstones a few years back,

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