Monday, 11 April 2016

Visions of the Future

On Thursday I attended the Print Social, Visions of the Future Exhibition at the Constellations in Liverpool. I submitted my idea for the theme of the exhibition which was 'Visions of the Future'. You could go abstract or literal with your interpretation of the theme, going as near or far into the future as you like. I could of gone as far as what I was having dinner tomorrow or what the world would look like in 100 years time. The exhibition is a celebration of printmaking, all about method and technique.

The description that I submitted for this particular piece of work was, 'Global warming affects us all. With a planet that is heating up, it is becoming harder and harder for farmers to grow crops. Bees are a big part of this, as they pollinate our plants and crops across the world. Chemicals that are spread on crops are meant to help these grow, but adverse affects are being had on our bee population and numbers are beginning to decline. This single bee symbolises impending doom for the bee population. A bee's last stand against the changing planet and environment.'
Because at the time I didn't have any access to any printing facilities. They kindly were about to screen print my submission. And didn't it turn out amazing! This is the first exhibition I've been involved in that wasn't linked with university and I'm really proud that my submission was chosen. It gives me hope that my work doesn't actually suck. I think you can get into a slump as a creative when some things don't turn out that well and for me they play with my brain and make me doubt my abilities. Questioning if my work is any good!
Anyway if your in the Liverpool area between the 8th-22nd April make sure you head down to the Constellations in Liverpool. To check out over 20 amazing artists picturing their owns Vision of the Future. You won't regret it!

Thursday, 7 April 2016

When Life Gives You Lemons Editorial

Last year I got in contact with Caboodle Magazine to see if they needed any illustrators for their next issue. I'm a huge admirer of the magazine from the get go, to be part of an issue would be a dream. So when they got back to me to say that they had a recipe page they wanted me to create the title for the recipe page, of course I said YES PLEASE!!
And then they asked if I would also like to illustrate the titles for the actual recipes themselves. Yes, the more the merrier. The title for the feature is called 'When life gives you lemons'. Seven recipes that all include lemons. From cupcakes to lemonade.
This is the first editorial work I've done since graduating university last summer. I'm really really happy with how it all turned out. I think I might frame it, is that going a bit to far?

If you want to check out the full magazine you can buy your own copy here. And you can visit my website to a check out the recipes pages I was involved it!

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