Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Manchester Print Fair No10

On Sunday 18th, I decided to head on over to the Manchester Print Fair. Seeing as I was already in the area for the weekend. I thought why not kill two birds with one stone. Can I just mention that I managed to get lost numerous of times trying to find the Peoples Museum. When you don't know Manchester that well or at all, all the streets tend to blur into one. On my way to the fair I found this distressed Suffragettes film poster which was to prefect not to photograph. Plus some of the back streets are so photo worthy too (a bonus of getting lost I suppose).

Once I managed to find the museum (no thanks to bloody imaps or whatever maps is called on the iPhone), the print fair was located just past the coffee shop and gift shop in what I'm guessing in an events hall. With 60 stalls of artists (illustrators, graphic designers, print makers). There were also free workshops going on for the weekend too but I didn't end up going to any unfortunately. I was just in awe of all the amazing work that was there. 
 Images of work above belong to Thingsbyus.
 Images of work above belong to Fledgling Studio
It was a really nice day out, strolling around the fair talking to some of the people there. I got chatting to the girl behind Fledgling Studio who was very lovely. The pieces that I picked up from the fair are far from being the same because everyone has their own style (god I hated that word while going through uni). I'll go into more detail in a separate blog post with the things I picked up at the fair. But I definitely could of bought more stuff, I just didn't take enough money with me unfortunately. I'll defiantly be finding more fairs and maybe have a table at one of them someday, who knows. But I would recommend going to print fair like this one if your an art student, you can get talking to people that are already out in the industry you can get a feel for what's to be expected when you finish.

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