Friday, 11 September 2015

What Am I Doing?

What have I been doing since I lasted blogged. Where have I been. And why the hell haven't I been blogging. So my last blog past as way back in December and now we're now nine months into the year. I've certainly been lacking in the whole social media thing. To answer all of the questions of why I've been gone for so long, I've going to say it in one word, university. Believe me third year kills come major bum! With it being the last section of my final year, I wanted to concentrate and make sure I was putting my 100% effect into all the work I had going on. Once we hit the three week mark to the end of the year where all our portfolios have to be complete and our degree show exhibition has to be built and ready! I have to say the last three months of uni and working on my Honours Project had to be the most difficult/hardest work I've probably done in all my time at university. You have to make sure you keep some sort of positive mindset or an upbeat attitude so you don't get yourself into a slump.

In between the very last day of hand-ins and waiting to to graduate, we had our Degree Show week & New Blood D&AD, Old Spitalfields Market, London. I have say I've never been so warm in my life the first two days of the festival. I think I can speak for everything, we were all literally melting. I think I was to busy trying to stay cool on those two days, then anything else. On the day I was travelling down to London with two of my course friends, we got our final results which was like a weight off our shoulders to say the least! Just knowing that all your hard work has paid off and that you'll be graduating it amazing. But my whole experience of London and the New Blood festival was a eventful. If you want a blog post about my New Blood D&AD experience just let me know in the comments section below because if your an illustration student or any other creative student and there is a possibility that your university will be at next years festival and you want to know if it's wreath it or I don't know where to stay that cheapish. It's a good to hear other peoples experience about it. But I know everyone will have a different experiences to the next people but I'm happy to share my story.

But you'll be happy to know that I've graduated university with a BA (Hons) Illustration. So, yayyyy :) So now that I've officially been done with it for nearly two month now. So what have I been doing in that time? I've spent most of my time working a lot, and I have been doing some sketchbook work here and there. Not as most as I hope I would be doing, I've been lacking motivation and inspiration but I guess that's what Pinterest is for! But I have some new new's/update, so I'm really excited to say that I've been given a weeks placement with NEXT! Working alongside the men's graphic team, in their design department. I start on Monday mixed emotion really excited and really nervous at the some time, AHHHH!! I hope you all are well. I'll hopefully find my momentum within blogging and start posting more post soon. Again I'm sorry again for being away for so long.

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