Tuesday, 24 June 2014

#DS14 Illustration

Just to warn you this post is very image heavy, so I wouldn't be writing much because I think the images from the Illustration Degree Show speak for themselves. This is just a little introduction in to the post.
So for all the third years finishing their last ever days of education, the final year degree shows are a sigh of relief for those of us that do any design/art courses. I got some time to go and visit UCLan’s Degree Shows last Monday. All the degree shows ran for a week solid Monday through to Saturday. If you got a chance to go and see them, high five!
I caught the train up to Preston on Monday and met my fellow course buddy Stef at the train station. We kind of got side tracked by going into Debenhams ending up spending a couple of hours in there, before we finally got on our way to go and see the degree shows. Even though it was I don't know how warm in the building all the shows where in (my face was literally melting off). Thank god for that fan in the illustration room, Hallelujah!! The third years that had to sit in the room all day I don't now how they survived. It's quite weird to think that will be me next year, one day at a time.
I'll be posting another blog about the Graphics Design & Fashion Promotion With Styling Degree Shows that where all on at the same time. Hoped you enjoyed all the work! Good luck to the third years that are going down to London for D&AD :)

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  1. wow some lovely projects! i'm hoping to take a trip down from Carlisle on Friday to visit Graphics and Illustration xx


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