Sunday, 20 April 2014

Why The Long Silence?

So I'm finally getting around to writing a new blog post. Don't kill me. I've been crazy busy with essay writing, presentation showing and all that jazz for uni, it nearly killed me. I'm week into my Easter break and I've officially done no work for my children book project (shhhh) and the hand-in deadline is the 2nd May (two weeks!!). Not ok! This year has gone way to quick for my liking, it will soon be September and I'll be starting my 3rd and final year at uni. It's scary to even think about. Anyway after 12pm on 2nd May I'd be officially finished for Summer. Four months off doing what? Probably picking up more hours at work. And through that time should mean a lot more blogging. Hopefully creating more personal projects within my illustration work.
Be in the meantime I'm trying to finish my children s book spreads and trying to re-work my editorial project because it needs a lot of work. So that's what I'll be doing until deadline day. I'll try and post the finished children's book spreads once I've finished them and show you some of my sketchbook for the project too.
A couple of weeks back we had a visiting illustrators Lord Whitney come into talk to our course. As always getting to hear and talk to existing practitioners that are already out there, probably gives me a little bit of hope. Their not your typical illustrators but that what I like about them. Anyway they set a brief in the afternoon, the brief was to pick a compound noun or create your own compound noun works. They wanted us to create an illustration, in response to your chosen compound noun and to work quickly as possible to the brief. My chosen compound noun was 'Townhouse', I thought it would be quick and simple to create a simple line drawing of a row of Townhouse because who wouldn't like to live it one? I most certainly would! 
I had a little rearrange of my room in my flat even though I'll be moving out in a couple of weeks. I just thought everything was cluttered up never my laptop with my magazine holders and all my pens and that. Decided to move my holders and paper tray down to the other end of my desk and keep my stationary where I mainly do all my work anyway. I don't know about everyone else that does an art course but I end up with everything everywhere so I need as much room to spread out so I can work. It seems like I post a little bit to much about my desk area/work space but I love rearrange and adding new little jars or whatever makes it look cute.
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