Wednesday, 8 January 2014

In 2014 | Welcome.

It's already a good week into 2014, which is ridiculous. I haven't written anything in the last month or so. I've been planning to write a new blog post but every time I'd came to write one I'd think I have nothing interesting to write about. They'd probably end up really boring and I didn't what to put something out that I wouldn't read personal or what you wouldn't enjoy too. So this blog post will have about everything crammed into it. So it may be a long one. To start off I want to say I hoped everyone had a lovely start to the new year. Last year, I'd say was an alright year. Had my up and downs like I'm sure everyone did. But 2014 is going to be better in every way. For me it's time to take risks and it's time to make the most of it. I'd thought I would share some of my goals for 2014 both personal and blog related.

2014 | Goals
- Blog more. I want to continue blog more than ever. Not only has my audience grown more then I thought it would do last year. I would of thought I'd be blogging to about 6 people at the most but I've got 45 lovely Google Friends and 114 wonderful Bloglovin' friends (HEY!). I want to put more content into my post. Share more of my work and what inspires me and if your if your interested more about what goes on with me.
- Travel. I want to travel more within the UK, see more then what's around me and maybe travel aboard this year too. The dream is to final visit American or Italy or someplace else. 
- Grow. In all aspect of the word.
- Meet new people. This year I really want to meet some of you lovely bloggers, maybe go to a bloggers meetup in my area or somewhere near me. And I just want to meet new people in general and stop being shy.
- Draw. I know I do a lot of that with my course (obviously) but I want to draw more of myself if you get me. I love just sitting down when I'm free and going through my magazine and pinterest and finding something at inspires me to draw. I need to do more of that.
- To be more confident within my writing. I'm nervous when I comes to writing blog post because I've got this thought in the back of my mind that's telling me your writing rubbish no-ones going to read it and I think my dyslexia has a part in it too.
- Stay positive. No more negative Nancy. It does what it says on the tin.
- Become more organised. Balance my time. With my contextual studies coming up in this semester, I need to really organise my time and give myself set points in the day to do certain things. And with getting commissions and my studio work I need to balance my time.
- Read more. At least a book a month. I love reading. I use to hate it when I was younger and my dyslexia didn't help. I think I really got into it about  5/6 years ago but with my uni work I've had no time to open a good book but that's about to change. So here's what I got up to on Monday & Tuesday.

// Project 1. Dewey Decimal.
I wanted to do some sort of follow me through the projects kind of thing. Yes, that will be all four projects. In my mind it gives me a sort of extra push to get them finish. I want to show you how I work and what the finish outcomes are going to be. It will also give me a push into taking a break from my project work and sitting down and writing a blog post for all you lovely people. Which I've really missed doing. At this moment in time I'm working on the project's from last semester, four in total. The first one I'm working on is the 'Dewey Decimal' project. I spent Monday in the printmaking studio prepping my aluminium etching plate so I could go straight in on Tuesday and get them inked and printed. Even through I still can't get the ink off my nails, I love printing. I just love the process of etching and some times the final outcome can be something strange but wonderful. And plus I love raiding the scrap paper drawers to find bits of screen prints that have gone wrong or off cuts.




  1. Beautiful goals!! I hope you achieve each and every one of them!! and I love all of these drawings you created!!! xoxo

    1. Thank you :) Fingers crossed I can tick some of them off at the end of the year!


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