Friday, 15 November 2013

Another Day Older.

I started my blog on 15th November 2012. If you've read my 'About Me' page you'll know I started my blog to share my work, my random thoughts, what inspires me and to talk about my ordinary life. I think I can say I've done that. You've read about my broken foot and how annoyed that I still have the bloody cast on. You've saw my little inspiration posts about what's inspiring me at the time, which by the way I love putting together. I've shown you the insides of my sketchbooks and what I'm working on at the moment. I'm surprised I haven't bored anyone to death yet. 
This past year my blog has grown so much. To date my blog has had 3,850 pageviews and that’s bloody big amount. I’m still find it strange that people actually read my blog and it’s even stranger that people actually leave comments to say that they like my work. Its mind boggling but I appreciate when people do say they like my illustrations. I really do love blogging. I've met some really lovely people through blogging too.
I just want to say a big THANK YOU, to everyone that's visited my blog and stayed to look around. THANK YOU to anyone that's ever said they like my work. THANK YOU to anyone that's actually thought I want to see more post and follow the blog via Bloglovin or here on Blogpost.

'To celebrate my blog turning 1! I'll be doing a special giveaway. I wouldn't tell you what's going to be in it yet but I think your going to like it. It wouldn't happen in this post because as you know I'm still in my cast and haven't been able to go out and get the stuff yet but fingers crossed it will be soon. I'll keep you posted!'


  1. It's so nice to find that creativity still exists in the world, love your work! I put your blog button up xxx

    1. Oh no! It didn't work. There's something wrong with your html code yo!


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