Friday, 4 October 2013


Right now I'm sat in bed with a broken foot. Yeah, I have a broken foot. To be more specific, I've broken my fifth metatarsal in my right foot. While everyone is in the studio today, I'm stuck in my flat trying to get use to using my crutches. Believe me, it sucks. My hands are aching and sore. Enough of me moaning, Ill take about what project I've been getting up to in the studio.
Dewey Decimal. You'll find a 'Dewey Decimal' in libraries. It is a numerical organisational classification of books. We were given a number at random, mine was '730' - 'Sculpture And It's Reproduction'. I can say it's not my kinda book. The aims of the project is to create images in response to a subject that we have little knowledge about. I started by writing down my first impressions of the book. Then moved on to cutting words and mix matching words up. 'Naked Authority' was the first words I was experimenting with, taking pictures from magazines and words from the book and covering up bits of the illustrations with the words. 'The Portrait of Frankenstein' are two separate words from the critical views page put together. The next idea was playing around with the word 'reproduction'. Creating etching of well known sculptures and then print them onto A1 paper/card. But with a broken foot I can't get into the printmaking studio until I'm not  hopping hazard.
Another project I have going along side the experimental illustration module is 'Self-Promotion' part of the 'Exploring Digital Illustration'. The project is to express ourselves creatively through self promotion and create our own visual identity and making a name for ourselves. Gaining more knowledge about Photoshop would make my life easier. Week one, was to create several alternative solutions, with out first and last names. Writing my name over and over again is making me think I'm writing it wrong. Experimenting with my type is a bonus too.
I'm also working on entering Company Magazine's - 'The Company Academy 2014'. Click on the link to find our more about it. It's my prefect brief, involving the Spring/Summer 2014 shows.
Oh & the plus side to having a broken foot (if there is one) is I have more time to draw, seeing as I can't work and I can hardly move about that well.


  1. Ah no, your poor foot, I hope you get the hang of the crutches soon! I do love your photos into that book though, they look gorgeous!xx

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