Friday, 9 August 2013

My Space.

I've finally been working on my summer project and it's about time to. I'm not saying that the sketchbook makes sense at the moment, it's all over the place. I've not come up with a final idea yet, so I'm still in the stage of experimenting with everything.
But this post isn't about my summer project, it's about where I work.. my desk, my room, my space!
My room isn't yet complete but I'd thought I would share with you where I work and other bits & bobs. 
Company Magazine - Vogue - Cosomo Body - Little White Lies - Tiny Pencil - Oh Comely - Nylon - Vogue - Wonderland - Dazed & Confused
Street View by Nylon - Carpe Diem Journal by Mary Kate McDevitt.
All my book in order of authors last names.
If any of you want to see a specific blog post about anything, just leave your suggestion in the comments below.

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  1. Hiiii,,

    Wow! Your blog is such a delight to have a flick through whilst sipping tea. Your work is amazing and you are an extremely talented girly! I love how you post inspiration pics as well as your art and I'm loving your amazing work space! I wish mine was as neat and pretty and lovely as that!

    - Myfanwy x

    PS - LOVE the Thorin Oakenshield figure ;-)


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