Friday, 21 June 2013

UCLan Illustration Degree Show.

I had to go back to Preston today to pick up the rest of my stuff from my uni flat and to hand my keys in. While I was there I tuck my mum over to the Victoria Building with all the Degree Shows where happening.  As today was the last day of the public viewing of the Illustration Degree Show at UCLan. The private viewing was last Friday and it’s been open to the public for a week. I need to go and see all of the work. I have to say there wasn't one piece of work that I didn't love. As I’m swaying towards the fashion route of illustration, I was drawn to the fashion illustration by Harlie McAllister. The women holding the red clutch bag with the tartan dress, I think was my favorite piece. Looking in awe that all of the pieces in the room, I started to think ‘That’s going to be me in two year’. That scared me just a bit.
Everything was different, unique. 



  1. If you ever wanted advice or just talk to someone who has been in third year, me and my whole class would love to answer your questions ^^

    Lovely blog, keep going!

    1. I'll keep that in mind but probably will end up taking you up on the offer :) Loved your work at the show!
      Thank you :)


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