Monday, 3 June 2013

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I'm so happy to announce that I'm apart of the Dream On Youth Family :) I just got an email this afternoon from the lovely Cydney (who is the creator behind the whole idea), asking me if I would like to be apart of the family. What do you say to that? Well I said 'Yes' obviously!! If you don't what 'Dream on Youth' is, here's a little section from 

'Dream On Youth is where we believe in positive vibes and dreaming big. It was created  with a mission to instill confidence, hope, and humility in this young generation.  To help dreams thrive and show people that the best things are not handed to you, you have to work for them. Founded just March 27th of last year'

I just love the idea behind it & the fact it promotes the works and talents of young people, the don't normally get recognized. And to say I'm the first artist in the family, is just amazing :)

'Dream Bigger, Work Harded, Change The World'

All the links you need are below, be sure to add, like, follow all of them!!!
Dream On Youth:

Instagram -

The Lovely Cydney:

Once again a BIG thank you to Cydney for even asking me to be apart of the whole thing!


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